RegenAlift range of PDO threads:

The RegenAlift PDO threads is a premium quality range of PDO threads to achieve the desired results. The range includes monos, single/double spirals and the latest in 3D design cogs to give superior lifting. The 3D cogs comes in various sizes to a create spectacular results for a full natural facelift or a partial lift such as a brow lift or a cheek lift. Please see our gallery for RegenAlift PDO thread results.

The complete range of RegenAlift products are CE and ISO certified and manufactured to the highest standard. With our unique range of PDO threads specifically designed to create spectacular results, RegenAlift remains the premier supplier of PDO threads in the UK.

Code Description Needle length Sold in packs of:
Needle size gauge (Mono)
M001 30G 25.4mm 20
M002 30G 38mm 20
M003 29G 50mm 20
M004 26G 90mm 20
Needle size gauge (Spiral/Screw)
S005 29G Single Spiral 60mm 20
S007 26/27G Double Spiral (Only available through RegenAlift) 38mm 10
S008 26/27G Double Spiral (Only available through RegenAlift) 50mm 10
Needle size gauge (Double Sided Cogs)
C008 21G 3D COGS 60mm 4
C009 21G 3D COGS 90mm 4
C010 19G 3D COGS(thicker thread-greater tensile power for lifting heavier faces/severe sagging) 100mm 4

The RegenAlift cogs compared

Size measurements for the 100mm double sided cogs (not to scale)

Size measurements for the 70mm double sided cogs (not to scale)